Day 1


Our private transit service will pick you up from the airport to bring you to our hotel in Kruje (30 min drive). Settle into the only hotel located directly inside the castle walls. Option to explore the castle and little cobblestone town of Kruje. Welcome Dinner- Traditional dishes will welcome you to Albania.

day 2

Explore Along the Way

Explore the craftsmanship of Albania by visiting a little workshop where we’ll make our own luxurious, traditionally Albanian style slippers to wear during your wellness week. Whisk away in our private transport along the sea and down to Vlore (approx. 2 hours). Lunch near the Olive Trees overlooking where the Ionian Sea and Adriatic Sea kiss. Continue our scenic views of the Albanian Alps and Riviera to our quaint and luxurious home for the week. Dinner with a view when we arrive.

day 3

HIKING the riviera

All levels hike at the foothills of the Albanian Alps dripping sweetly into the clear sea. The hike brings you to one of the most beautiful beaches in Albania-- somewhere inaccessible by car. Stop for lunch during the hike- ready-made for us in a scenic location.

day 4


This days takes us to an open-air, outdoor yoga studio for the day.  We have views of the sea as we practice with local instructors that will guide us all through a journey to balance and open our souls. Classes include breath work and meditation. Fresh and local produce will be provided throughout the day, as well as the rest of our nutritious meals.

day 5

beach day

We’ll set up at lavish beach cabanas for the day to relax and enjoy the salty sea. Stroll the beach, enjoy the cozy beach cafes, and pick from fresh fruits and eats.

day 6


full body massage will relax you into renewal. 1 on 1 time with Bailey for Mindset work.A day in Dhermi: Free time to walk the beach, explore the cafes, and mingle with the locals.

day 7


Morning Movement: a stretching class to open our bodies. Private breakfast with a view. Begin our journey north to Tirana to say our goodbyes. Our last hotel, just outside of Tirana airport, offers a beautiful pool surrounded by cabanas, a juice bar, and a casual goodbye dinner with firestone pizzas. 



Stay at the flowing cabanas by the pool with your fresh juice until it’s time to leave for your flight. Private transportation to the airport with no-stress check-in to your flight.



Summer 2024

Join us on an imaginative and transformational 7-night, 8-day journey in Albania as we whisk away into the Albanian Riviera and explore culture, wellness, and balanced life.

We’re starting off in Kruje where we’ll explore the traditions of this beautiful mountain village. Nestled in the foothills of the Albanian Alps, you will feel the unmistakable charm of the old bazaar featuring a cobblestone path and cute little shops where you can find antiques and handmade accessories. A boutique-style hotel, the only one in the castle itself, features the craftsmanship of Albania where we will stay for the night. This will be where we host our traditional welcome dinner. Wait until you taste the flavors of Albania!

The next morning, we will get to explore handmade textiles with options to make our own slippers before saying our goodbyes to whisk our way along the coast to Dhermi, the Stoney small town nestled between mountains and the sea.

The drive down in itself is Instagram-worthy, as we travel through mountains and sea-line. We’ll make a stop in Vlore to breathe and experience the cliffy beach where the water is as clear as glass. We will rest and eat nutritious meals overlooking the sea.

Continuing on our way through the scenic views of Albania, we will arrive in Dhermi: our luxury boutique home for the week. Your room will be surrounded with years-old stone that sets perfectly into its corner of the mountains overlooking the Illyrian Sea. Your soul will feel at peace as we provide experiences that connect you with yourself and the environment. Private dining with a view, yoga, and other mat classes set as high as the clouds, hiking in the fresh air in the untouched earth, breathing exercises, and personalized massages are only a few of the ways you will submerge yourself in the renewing qualities of this retreat.

Beaches for days, we will have plenty of options for enjoying the salty seaside.

Hiking for all levels will be the perfect opportunity to feel the beauty of the mountains with a view of the sea. We’ll use this opportunity to explore and awaken the nomad inside of you.

A covered platform on the beach will be the relaxation hub for our yoga dome experience. This outdoor gem will house our energetic yogi experience for all levels options including breath work and meditation with local instructors.

The entire wellness retreat will be immersive, imaginative, and inspiring. The trip is all-inclusive, leaving you free of decisions and stress-free. From private transit, and endless locally sourced foods, to luxurious boutique, stays, you will feel nothing short of the hospitality Albania is known for.

You can expect an exploration of 3 cities up the coast of Albania, wellness classes and rituals, traditional delicacies, and hands-on immersions. You will leave feeling a new sense of connection to yourself and a newly inspired path for you to keep with you once you return home.

Below are some highlights of the itinerary we offer. If you have any questions, just contact us and we’ll prepare you with everything you need to know to make this incredible journey happen.

Welcome dinner
Kruje Castle
Old bazaar shopping
Vlore for the day
Cliffy clear beaches
Dhermi age-old boutique luxury stay
Hiking the Albanian alps
Wellness classes including yoga for all bodies in a beachy yoga dome
Cabana relaxing on the beach
Pool time
Goodbye dinner

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